Blinded by (the) Lowe’s

I almost threw up in my mouth when checking out last night at our first visit to Lowe’s as homeowners. Whoa. Yikes. Expensive, but so worth it.

We bought blinds for the 5 windows in the formal living room/now our bedroom, which sits on the front of the house and has a large bay window. Privacy was definitely a concern early on after we decided to put our bedroom here, however-this room makes a baller bedroom. It is HUGE. Coming from the rental where my shins hit our foot board EVERY SINGLE MORNING, having space to walk around the bed without physical harm is freaking awesome. 🙂

Here is a before of the room from a listing photo.

Formal Living Room Before

It already looks SO much different, with our headboard along the wall where the green couch is. The large bay window is directly across from the green couch wall-this is what it looks like without the blinds-we will be installing those either tonight or tomorrow..

Bay Window In Bedroom

As far as how our decision process went for the blinds, we measured our windows on Sunday morning and went to Home Depot to check out our options. We love the look of wood blinds and got a quote for premium true wood blinds. That quote was absolutely out of our budget, so we spoke with the very nice lady about the correct way to measure for the blinds and went on our merry way to Josh’s parents for dinner. At their house, we talked to them about their blinds and if they were real wood or faux (we thought they were real and they were actually faux!) So, we decided we would go back to check out the faux stuff. Home Depot didn’t have the sizes we needed in-house, so we decided to try Lowe’s.


There, we found the Levolor 2in. Faux Wood Blinds that Lowe’s custom cuts for you for FREE! Holla. Sign me up. (I think HD does this too-but they didn’t have what we needed on demand and we’d like to get dressed in our bedroom ASAP, thankyouverymuch.) Our cutter-guy was awesome and told us to leave our cart, keep on shopping, and come back in a few minutes. After we picked up some vital things like high quality paint brushes, primer recommended for Knotty Pine, and wood filler, we came back and they were ready to go! 🙂

Now, everyone cross your fingers that we measured everything correctly. That would be awkward.



2 thoughts on “Blinded by (the) Lowe’s

  1. Nice purse 😉

    I was surprised at how much we spent and we’re only renting a house. Apartment living can spoil a person in some ways.

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