Not feeling it

We aren’t feeling “at home” yet. Things are still in boxes, in temporary spots, no pictures are up. We feel like we are living in someone else’s house. We have been avoiding doing these things “because we are going to renovate this room.” Right, but we aren’t going to be renovating EVERY room in the next few days, so we came to the conclusion that we need to make it livable for RIGHT NOW, rather than dreaming of what these rooms will be.

We took that to heart this weekend and finally finished unpacking a lot of the things that were still in boxes. We’ll get to pictures at some point. Then, we got a little crazy and pulled down the most obvious not ‘us’ thing in the house. The kitchen wallpaper. Yes, it was being held up in some places with push pins. No big deal. Please take a moment to say your goodbyes…


Wallpaper w/Stove


Now, it looks like this:

Wall Without Wallpaper Wall Without Wallpaper Wall Without Wallpaper Wall Without Wallpaper

Josh and his brother, Aaron, worked hard on prepping the cabinets for primer, so hopefully we will get started on that this week! The white walls definitely get me excited for what this room will be-white cabinets, here we come!! 🙂 Then, one day Josh and I will agree on a paint color for the walls and we’ll be almost finished with phase one of the kitchen!

Hurrah, progress!



3 thoughts on “Not feeling it

  1. The current hardware is terrible in person and kind of cheap feeling..We are going to get new hardware-hopefully something in an oil-rubbed bronze though to keep it rustic and not too modern..Keep an eye out for me, all-star shopper. 🙂

  2. Speaking of hardware. My suggestion is if the hinges are metal and are in working order I would use Rustoleum’s ORB spray paint on those. It will save you some money that you can use to splurge on the actual handle hardware. Oil Rubbed Bronze can get a little pricey sometimes. Just a suggestion 🙂 If the handles are rusted the ORB spray paint does a wonderful job of making it look brand new!

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