Saying goodbye to DVR

While house-hunting, we decided that if we bought a fixer upper, we would give up our premium channels and DVR to save us some moolah (and lots of wasted time) to devote to our home improvement projects. When we moved into our house, the FiOS staff told us to move all of our set top boxes, router, and other items over to the new house so that it would ‘transfer’ correctly. When installing the set top box, I accidently gave the technician our fancy pants set top box (the one we were supposed to send back to discontinue our fancy pants cable) and was confused as to why all of my premium channels and DVR were there. Confession: we kept it. We kept watching it. We kept loving the fact that we had DVR. It was hard to give up, but we finally did it.

Our DVR set top box is on its’ way back to the FiOS peeps and we got our streaming subscription to Netflix. I am now officially addicted to Orange is the New Black, so I don’t notice the fact that I don’t have a DVR and 12,000 channels. Looks like the plan might save some moolah, but maybe not as much wasted time as we expected…Here’s to hoping!


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