Cleaning (again) and COLOR!

We thought we would be able to sand the kitchen cabinets last weekend, but we didn’t. We had the chance to get the bleach out again! Good times.

The inside of the bottom cabinets were possibly the most disgusting thing we have cleaned to date. I can’t believe we had pots and pans in there. Or that we didn’t get sick. Seriously people, spring cleaning has a new meaning in my world. I am going to clean these cabs EVERY.SINGLE.SPRING. I don’t think they were ever cleaned. Ever. I don’t even think they were clean when they were built.


Tonight, we will start sanding the cabinets and hopefully we will be all primed and ready to go by Thursday night! Josh leaves on Friday for a weekend-long bachelor party for his BFFAE Tyler, and I will then transform into a painting machine.

I’m dreaming of a whittttteeeee kitchen! Oh, we finally decided on a color for both the walls and the cabinets. Wanna see?

Picture-101 behr_thumb

Bunny Gray will be on the walls-It is actually a gray/blue color-which I really love!! And the Behr Ultra Pure White is going on the cabinets and trim. I definitely want to do a bright colored door, but I am not sure on the color yet. What would you do?





4 thoughts on “Cleaning (again) and COLOR!

  1. Bunny Gray is reading a little gray/purple on my screen (which is the worst place to really “test” a color) – but I so love it in that screen shade! That being said, the bright door might be a challenge, so I would maybe get paint chips for the door and tape them up along side your wall color and try to pick both before you’re in deep! We have a lot of rooms that run together and have had luck picking a round of colors at once!

  2. When we picked paint colors I painted on scrap wood and drywall so we could hold it up to the walls and see the color in different lights! Can’t wait to see your transformation, paint seriously does wonders!

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