Insulation Frustration & a HUGE Celebration!

Two Thursdays ago, I came home and found this:


Imagine my excitement. I was already aware that we would be opening to check the status on if insulation existed up in the kitchen ceiling area. We were actually VERY surprised to find insulation there, however it was definitely not in good enough shape to just close the hole back up and call it a day. It looked like this:

photo22  photo55

First off, the insulation wasn’t thick enough. Secondly, if you touched it, it basically disintegrated in to zillions of pieces. We went out to our most frequently visited store Lowe’s and picked up these guys:


By the way, insulation gets EVERYWHERE and if it touches your skin, it embeds itself and makes you itchy. Anyone who knows me REALLY well knows that when I get itchy, I get bitchy. The worst part about it all was that my sweet husband had to be up in the really hot attic with very little room to move and we couldn’t have the AC on because we didn’t want the insulation dust to get into the ducts. Seriously, it.was.terrible. Josh is still having nightmares about it.

All of the old insulation got removed on Thursday night and packed up for disposal, then we quickly jumped into the shower to wash that ungodly stuff off of us. Good thing we had our awesome shower head! After knowing what insulation entails, we were NOT looking forward to installing the new stuff on Friday night after work..

I woke up on Friday morning with a call from my sister letting me know it was time for me to go up to Baltimore to welcome this little nugget to the world. Our first NIECE arrived on Saturday morning happy and healthy and looking adorable. Say hello to our beautiful niece, Fallon! Bonus points to her for getting me out of what was next.. 🙂 GO FALLON!


While I was up in Baltimore, I got this instagram from Josh’s brother, Aaron. The caption says “The title of this blog post would be F it.” Yikes.


But with Josh and Aaron’s hard work over the weekend, the ceiling/attic over my kitchen now looks like amazing clouds of warmth and awesomeness. I LOVE MY MCP MEN.

With the dust all settled after this project, Josh and I were now ready to move forward with the cabinet priming!! More on that later..


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