Ahh, Freak out!

I had a major breakdown. With our kitchen being under paintstruction, our dining room is now our storage area. Our plates and glasses are stacked on our dining room table, our blender is in a Tupperware with a bunch of other crap, our silverware is on an Ikea LACK table we brought in from the garage. We move our oven into the center of the kitchen when we are painting and then when it is time to eat, we shove it back over into its’ spot and plug it in. Our house is in complete disarray, ya’ll, and we just need to get used to it because it will probably be in disarray for quite some time.

I have never been the type to freak out when things are messy. You can ask my tidy roommate from college who would neatly stack things on her desk while mine would be covered in papers and empty lime green bags of Chewy Sprees. (I probably drove her crazy- Sorry Laur!) But this weekend, when we decided it would be an awesome idea to start ripping out the wood paneling in the kitchen WHILE we were waiting for the primer to dry, I started crying and frantically saying “We need to do this one project at a time..this is too much.” Josh is awesome and put the crow bar down.. so, we’re good.

This is embarrassing but I don’t really care because hey, I want to remember how crappy this situation was once I have my beautiful white cabinets that I will appreciate so much more because WE DID IT. Plus, if you don’t have a break down every now and again, then you are a damn saint and I invite you to bring yourself over to our place to cook us dinner while I am sitting and crying on my kitchen floor. You’ll have to shove the stove over to cook though.


6 thoughts on “Ahh, Freak out!

  1. I totally broke down while cleaning the house, I decided it would be a good idea to go and scrub (and I mean SCRUB) the nasty showes AFTER I’d spent 5 hours scraping linoleum glue off the concrete sub-floor. Let’s just say, I spent a good house sobbing and breaking down in the gross shower (I didn’t even finish one) because my hands hurt so bad I kept dropping the sponge – it’s totally okay to breakdown, it keeps you sane!

  2. Alison…..I feel your pain! I haven’t been doing the actual work at my place but have been dealing with the same kind of upheaval. First I had my kitchen counters done so I “cooked” (which really means made coffee!) in the dining room while I tripped over various kitchen items piled up all over the place. Of course, that week was when the items I had ordered for my bathroom renovation were delivered so I added a vanity, granite counter top, sink, etc. to the disarray already in my teeny tiny dining room. Got the kitchen back in order and then the bathroom renovation started. So for almost two weeks my place was torn up again. They finished just two days before Tyler and Stephanie’s wedding so I didn’t have time to get things totally straight. So last week I did that……and then, as luck would have it, got a notice from the Homeowners Association that they were going to power wash and stain the decks so now I have my living room piled high with everything off of my deck. Couldn’t get in there if I had to….total mess. But in a few days this too shall pass. And when it does…..no more renovations for me for awhile…..my nerves can’t take it!!!! And I’m afraid I’m going to break my neck in here before it’s all over. So, again, I feel your pain! But you all are actually doing the work which is even more stressful of course but something you will be SO proud of when it’s all over, You will enjoy and appreciate your efforts all the more because you two did it together. So keep up the good work and hang in there!!!!!!!

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