Thursday night- Josh got up the nerve to continue taking down the paneling in the kitchen that caused this meltdown.

Friday-I noticed that the row of tiles nearest the walls had been taken out, but I didn’t ask any questions.

Saturday morning-Josh said “Since we want to do tile in here, we have two options. We can install everything on top of what is already existing and have to step up at the threshold of the kitchen, OR we can rip everything out down to the subfloor and start over.”

So we decided to rip out the floor that day. Talk about decision making! Look at us!

photo (5)

Above is the floor beforehand..it sure is a beaut!

photo (3)

We weren’t sure where the floorboards started/ended for the first go around, so Aaron and I popped up the tiles one by one in a section so that we could have a starting point.

photo (4)

From there, Josh found the start/end of the board and used the saw to cut across the board so that we could pry it off with our crow bar/hammers/etc. These boards were nailed down with hundreds of nails each. Someone went overboard with the nails!

photo (2)

(Please note Aaron plugging his ears and Tucker looking at the saw hungrily.)

After the first section was taken out, we started to pry out the boards with the tiles still glued to them. Easy peasy.

After several hours of hammering, sawing, crow bars, an awesome pandora station on Aaron’s iPhone, stopping to eat pizza, pulling, tugging, making trips out to the truck to throw out old floorboards, we finished about half of the kitchen floor. (Hey, it’s a big room!)

Sunday- Josh and I woke up and finished the rest of the large floorboards. We still have a few small strips to take care of near the cabinets, so that will likely be a project we tackle tonight/tomorrow. On Sunday, Josh’s mom came over to help us remove the hearth floor brick tiles near the wood stove in the kitchen. I let them go at it with chisels and hammers and I made my way into the garage to prep the cabinet drawers for paint. After I finished, I came back in just as Josh’s mom hammered her hand (ouch!), so I took her place. She kindly took this awesome picture of us working on the hearth. We still have a few more bricks to go, but it was definitely a VERY productive weekend!



6 thoughts on “Flooring!

  1. Alison, I was with Gramma & Grampa the other day; we all commented how much we LOVE reading your stories…..beyond entertaining! And just think, my lovely, in the end, you will be able to say, “This is the house that Josh & I built!” Love you!

    1. Aw, thanks!! I really enjoy writing everything out so that even after each project is done, we can look back and remember how awesome it feels to accomplish all of these things together (with the help/encouragement from our families, of course!). Next time you see them, tell them we say hello!!

  2. I see that we need to have a discussion on the proper “working on your house” footwear, haha. I know from experience on what to wear and not to wear when working on your house, just ask my big toe who I slammed into the shop-vac and cut to pieces, right AFTER I’d taken off my gym shoes…

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