Goldilocks and the Four Pulls

YIPEE! YAY! HOORAY! HALLELUJAH! The cabinet painting process is complete! The doors and drawers are curing and waiting for the arrival of our hardware to be installed.

Choosing cabinet hardware has been…An adventure? A test of our marriage? <—that one is a bit dramatic, although there were a few moments in Lowe’s we might have wanted to punch each other..but most of that is because we were HANGRY. Long story short: we finally decided on something and we bought it! (With the option of free shipping/returns, of course!)

Here are a few of the options we were looking at and our goldilocks explanation of each:








This one is juuuuuuust right.

We only ordered the pulls for now (for use on both the doors and the drawers), but the knob is pretty too so if we decide to use knobs, we know they exist.


We want the hinges to be mounted on the inside/back of the door, rather than the face, unlike many of the options we had with our cabinet size/shape/thickness.  We couldn’t find these ‘hidden mount hinges’ as I call them at the local hardware stores, however they were available online. Since we were shopping online for the hinges, we figured ordering the pulls from the same store wouldn’t hurt. By shopping online for both, we got free shipping AND saved over $100. Yessss.


Can’t wait to see them in action! (Hopefully by our housewarming party next weekend (Crossing fingers they ship on time!!)



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