D-Day for the Sunroom

Snow day = Demo Day in our house! On March 3rd and 4th, an ice storm came to our area and allowed us to have two days off from work. So naturally, Josh and I got to work on the beginning stages of the next project!

We started by removing all of the trim, baseboards, baseboard covers, and ceiling. We are trying to salvage as much of the wood paneling as possible, so that if we decide to do a wooden plank accent wall or another project-we have the wood ready to go!


Side note: That Navy Blue mirror was a great find at an estate sale last summer (Taylor! It is the one I bought with you!) and was removed from the room prior to the actual demolition stage. No mirrors were harmed in production of this blog post.

Anywho, the ceiling tiles have been begging to be ripped out since the day we moved in. Not only are they AQUA (like everything else in the house!), they are extremely saggy in some spots of the room. We really can’t wait to rip out every ceiling tile in this house, but we have to be patient so as to not live in a construction zone in every room of the house.

IMG_0367 IMG_0378

See? I told you so! When we started removing them, we were very surprised to see a bit of insulation in the ceiling (certainly not enough!).


Ceiling: GONE!

IMG_0381 IMG_0382

After the ceiling tiles were removed and put in the back of the truck to be hauled to the dump, we started taking out the wood panels.

We found exterior wall boards on the living room side of the room (meaning the sunroom was added at some point after the living room-which we thought anyway because why else would there be windows in an interior room?). We also found a bit of non-active termite damage in one of the boards, but none of the surrounding boards, which was extremely weird!


As more boards were taken out, we stumbled on my favorite pieces of wood in the house-the mystery boards with the letters EB on them! I want to try to make something cool from these-maybe a table or wall hanging?


Another weird thing we found was the tin-foil like wall covering that was installed between the exterior wall and the wood paneling. We suspect it was used as “insulation” but..it definitely doesn’t work. There were some places in the walls that we could feel a breeze coming in from the outside. Not very energy efficient, but we loved the reflective quality of it? Haha!

IMG_0401 IMG_0404

Here is the exterior wall once the tin-foil insulation was removed and the current state of things in the sunroom!:


Although it isn’t pretty, it feels good to make a bit of progress in this room.

So, here we are in the great to-do list for this room:

Take out and replace all trim (including window sills and window trim).

Remove all wood paneling and replace with drywall.

Remove ceiling tiles and replace with drywall.

-Remove and replace flooring (it is currently faux brick tiles).

-Move / Install new wiring to move light switches and install more lighting. This room currently only has one small light fixture-we’d like to have at least two or maybe three to provide enough light.

-Insulate all windows, walls, and ceiling.

-Widen the door and window cut outs from living room (if possible).

-Prime and paint all walls, ceiling, door, trim, windows.

-Prime and paint baseboard heater covers.

-Figure out furniture/use of the room, then decorate.


3 thoughts on “D-Day for the Sunroom

  1. It looks SO much BRIGHTER even with it being demolished, haha! LOVE the 50+lb mirror with the new paint job – can’t wait to see it in person!!!!

    1. We are actually going to take all of those exposed boards out since they are unnecessary and we want to widen the window cut outs and doorway before the drywall goes in. Plus, some of the boards are in really rough shape since each had 15-20 nails in them. Thanks for following along. It is motivating knowing people will be checking in on us if we don’t do anything! HAHA!

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