Spring Cleaning: The Shed

[  To distract me from our plumbing woes, I am going to move on from talking about that for a bit, since we need to get everything figured out with our Home Warranty/Insurance people and start our tour de Virginia for showers until it is fixed. We have plenty of pictures and will talk about the WHOLE process once it is all hammered out. Which will be soon, right?!  ]

This weekend, we tackled a bit of spring cleaning that desperately needed to be done. It actually should have been done before starting any of our projects since it would have been a great work station while sanding the cabinets and such, but…live and learn, right?


When giving the initial tour to some of our friends (some of which occurred at night), we heard many different descriptions of this space – creepy, ew, ouch I just stepped on a nail (just kidding, but it could have happened), and this will be awesome one day.


Basically, it was filled with a bunch of stuff that wasn’t ours, the wood stove’s vent isn’t attached (hence it is leaning to the side..we’ll get to that one day!), and walking around in there even with shoes was a hazard because there were nails, screws, other pointy objects EVERYWHERE.


That little red children’s chair used to sit by the wood stove. It got the most attention on our tours because it really was creepy looking!



So basically, we just shopvac’d the heck out of this place and moved the work benches around a bit. We also brought in some shelves from the garage for some extra storage:


We also stumbled on this etching in the foundation cement.. To me, it looks like “7-4-56” or “4-4-56.” Our house was supposedly built in 1957, which is why we find it weird that the slab for the shed was put down in 1956? Mysteries….




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